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Anatomicals – Coconut and Mango Booty Lotion

I’m in marketing. I notice things. I notice bad branding and I notice awesome branding. And god. Am I jealous of the Anatomicals branding! It is so incredibly spot on! The colours and the style perfectly fit the youthfulness and boldness of the brand while the copy is so incredibly well written and even quirky that I would say that Anatomicals is hands down my favourite beauty brand when it comes to marketing and branding.

But what about what’s inside the tube? Because obviously nobody would buy a tube of body lotion just because they fell in love with the marketing? (well, obviously except for me). This body lotion is incredible! It smells incredible, it makes me look incredible and it feels incredible.

Fresh out of the tube, the Coconut and Mango body lotion smells heavenly. I love sweet smells in lotions and creams, where I would prefer a more woody, smoky smell when it comes to perfume. This lotion just glides out of the tube and onto your skin.

Now I have to say: I did not use this body lotion as a body lotion. My butts might love coconuts, but in complete honesty: I do not suffer from dry butt skin so I did not feel the need to use the lotion on my butt cheeks and thighs. Instead I used it as a hand lotion. Yes, I know, Anatomicals also has hand lotion but the current state of my wallet does not let me buy new stuff. Instead I “repurpose” or mix.

The body lotion passed my keyboard test : it did not stick, it did not slide and actually made my hands feel very soft, even in a dry and air conditioned room.

This is one of my favourite body lotions and I cannot recommend it more. The fact that it can be used as a hand cream adds to the fact that this is a must-buy product!

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