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Gordon’s Wine Bar – Embankment

My favourite London hideaway? That must be Gordon’s Wine bar.

The first time I set foot in here was to meet my boyfriend’s parents – for the third time. I was very nervous and although I absolutely love these people, I was scared to say anything wrong.

Last Friday I went back again. My boyfriend – being a teacher, has time off now and decided to meet me in central for a well-deserved friday-evening glass of port.


Gordon’s at Embankment is a wine cellar just off the Embankment. Although Gordon’s is located in central London and places like these would normally flood with “city guys” the moment the clock strikes 5, this place is very down to earth. You love it or you hate it but this bar is as French as it can get ( although obviously everything – even the name is English). Nobody gives a fuck, as long as it is cosy, the food is good and the alcohol is great.

<p?And trust me: the wine and port are both exquisite. I have only drunk wine there once – in Belgium wine is much cheaper than in the UK and a glass of great wine would cost the same as if I would import the bottle from Belgium or France. But the port… oh the port! Love songs have been written about the greatness of the port in Gordon’s! The red one is sweet – but not too sweet and has a full body that makes your taste buds sing. Do watch out because it has a very big alcoholic kick! – even for me.


My boyfriend prefers the white port. He loves mead and dessert wine and thus the white port is a great fit for him. The port has a slight oaky feel to it that gets masked by the sweetness of the drink. At £6 for a French table-wine glass that is filled to the brim ( just ask for a large one), prices are very reasonable for the quality you get!

I have to admit that I have never ever had food here but it is high on my to-do list. I absolutely love French cheese and Italian charcuterie and both are present in abundance.

What if you do not want to sit in the romantic, candlelit side cellar? What if you want to sit outside? That’s no problem at all because when the weather permits it, you can sit outside in the beer garden. You do have to order and fetch your drinks and food inside but overall: it is definitely worth it.

Looking to visit Gordon’s when the after-work rush is over? After 7 it calms down and you will easily find a place to sit. I absolutely LOVE this place!

Have you visited Gordon’s yet? What is your favorite wine spot in London?

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