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Big Bailey’s Easter Egg

Happy Easter everyone - or well, it is Easter for me. My housemates and I are celebrating easter since some of us will be travelling home over real Easter, and we did so by organising a secret easter bunny exchange! A what? Yes, a secret Easter Bunny Exchange. Just like a Secret Santa, you pull a name and you buy a present. But instead of buying just ANY present, you buy an easter egg. One of those big, beautiful ones that seem to be everywhere. Because let's face it: You LOVE receiving that chocolate but you would hardly ever buy one for yourself. Bailey's Easter Egg So we bought each other Easter Eggs! And it was absolutely great! I had to buy an egg for my boyfriend and I bought him one with Lemon Meringue flavour, a Rolo egg and a Cadbury's egg, just to make it ¬£10 round. I received a big Baily's egg which was a VERY good pick: everyone who knows me even a little bit, knows how deep my love for Bailey's goes ( although I often have to be happy with the Lidl of Aldi own brand ). I have not tucked into the big egg, but the fact that the chocolate is shiny means that the chocolate is of good quality and very fresh. I love the lighter drawings in the chocolate even though they are a bit messy. baileys easter egg truffles As a Belgian - my country is known for its great chocolate, and I do have to confess that I can be a bit hoity-toity about that dark gold. It cannot be too sweet it cannot be too dull, it cannot be too granular... I honestly still have to find great chocolate in the UK I actually like. But this Bailey's egg and the little pralines ( they definitely are not truffles like the box states though ) are a step in the right direction. I absolutely love Bailey's flavour filling and the chocolate - even the white one, is not too sweet, which makes it into one of my favourite pralines tasted in the United Kingdom. dav I am so very glad to have received this egg and I can say that my first ever Secret Easter Bunny was a great success. What Easter Egg would you like to receive this Easter?  

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