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Rare Nails Dark Purple Nail Polish Review

I am one of those people that always runs around with chipped nail polish. Whenever I take a bath, whenever I have one of those long sing sessions under the shower... I just know I will finally climb out of the shower or bath, my nails will be absolutely ruined. So this was me, pleading for a nail polish that would actually stay onto my nails for more than 24 hours. And I think I found it! Rare Nails - do they still exist?, brings the world of absolutely gorgeous colors to your nails. I received a package with a red nail polish, a purple one and one with glitters. I am a huge fan of red when it comes to nail polish but this time it was the dark purple one that caught my attention.

How I used the Rare Nail Polish

First of all I made sure my nails were clean so I soaked my fingertips in luke-warm water with some Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil. My nails felt strong and my hands smelled absolutely gorgeous! When I put on the first layer of nail polish I thought thought that the colour would be a lot lighter than I thought it would be, that the colour would be closer to lilac in stead of the sensual deep dark purple they turned out to be. I had to wait about 7 minutes before I was able to put on a second layer which was quite a reasonable time compared to more heavy enamels where 15 minutes is often not enough. When the second layer came on I absolutely loved the deep and sensual shade of purple. Where the nail polish did not cover my nails and left them quite patchy in the first take, they were fully covered in the second. We are now two days later and they have not chipped yet so I am already very happy with the result.

Did I like the Rare Nail Polish?

Yes! Yes I loved it! My nail polish has not chipped yet, the colour is absolutely fabulous and the dry time is actually quite okay. Would buy again for sure! Rare nails nail polish review  

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