Being an international teacher often means that you are one of those lucky buggers that does not have
I love podcasts. I sometimes get a tad tired listening to music while I work, but podcasts never
Whaa! I got fat! For the past few weeks I have been going through my clothes, selling them
I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for quite a while now, and before D&D I played Pathfinder
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Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant Brunch Review

Every two weeks, my husband and I go to a brunch. What brunch it is or where we decide to get our fill of fine food and alcohol is greatly decided by the offers on the Entertainer. We were fortunate Continue Reading
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Trader Vic’s Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai Review

Nights out don’t always work out the way you intended. Sometimes they actually end up being way better! We discovered Trader Vic’s by complete accident and it turned out to be one of the best restaurants I have ever been Continue Reading
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Brunch Review: The Warehouse. Le Meridien Dubai

The second weekend in Dubai, my husband and I were invited to join his colleagues for brunch at The Warehouse. Brunch in Dubai is definitely not the same as a Brunch in London. No overcooked eggs, and watered down orange Continue Reading
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An Expat Travel Guide to Dubai for Expats and Tourists

An Expat Travel Guide to Dubai for Expats and Tourists. Dubai is a city that appeals to the imagination of many. Impressive dunes, stoic camels, majestic skyscrapers and high-rises line the tourist guides and chaperon you through this imposing city. Continue Reading